Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Philly Bucket List Trifecta

I have a Pennsylvania bucket list,

and I have a bucket list specific to Philadelphia.

I ticked THREE bucket list things off today.

First - walk* over the "Ben"

The starting point.

You climb. Let me tell you...when a train goes along that track,
you S-H-A-K-E!

Apartments coming. Historic building. Olde City location. Riverfront.
$$$$$$$$$ I imagine.
I wonder if your apartment smells like chocolate?
That would be a selling point right there.

Looking back at my favorite skyline view.
Where's Bill?--- kind of like Where's Waldo,
but with William Penn.

Probably should not have used iron on those windows, eh?

Blue bridge.
I must have a *thing* for blue bridges.
My favorite Jacksonville bridge was blue too.
Yes ..... I walked over that one too.

Looking north up the Delaware

Would YOU work up there?
I wouldn't want to work up there,
but I wouldn't mind a one-time tour.
My knees would shake the whole way, but I bet the view is spectacular.

Bucket List Item #2 ---- 

Franklin Square

Part of the Fairmount Park System,
Franklin Square is a BEAUTIFUL inner city oasis.
My plan is to hit ALL the squares this summer.
Will I? Stay tuned. It's an ambitious project.

The Franklin Square Fountain

The Children's Carousel
We now know what Smarty Jones is doing in his retirement.

And last, but not least,
my THIRD bucket list item . . . eat lunch in Chinatown.
YUM ---- Shaved Noodles with Chicken

All in all, we walked about 4 miles or so.

Needed to walk off those noodles! 

*While this is the first time I WALKED over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, it is not the first time for climbing the bridge. 

Back in my younger years a bunch of friends and I thought it would be great fun to BIKE over the bridge. 

Good in theory. A bit more challenging than expected in reality. I rode a Peugeot racing-style bike. It was extremely lightweight and had very thin tires and a hard leather seat (read: no padding at all). 

Going up? Great. Coming down ..............oh Lawsy! The exit sidewalk is COBBLESTONES. I escaped without getting my wheels caught in a crack, but my backside didn't forgive me for DAYS.

I won't be doing THAT again.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Start With A Finish

 A finish!



Yarn:  Zauberball

Colorway:  #1508 Schatten (Shadow)

I love this pattern and know I will knit it again and again,
but if I ever pick up a skein of black yarn,

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Something BIG This Way Comes

I did it. 

Today I joined the 21st century and downloaded a PDF file.

They say when you finish one project you must immediately start a new one
and I picked a biggie.

But, first . . . 

...maybe something a little smaller.

I need a summery bookmark.
You can't mark your book with Let It Snow or Pumpkin Patch when it is June.
That would be wrong.

This is just a little quickie in patriotic colors
and should surely be done by the Fourth of July.

Then it is on to the monster-project.
I've got the floss and fabric ready to go.
Bonus! They were all from stash.

I can't say I did it the kitting all by myself.
I had help.

I ALWAYS have *help*.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Friday Felines

We went from high 90's, humidity, and thunderstorms yesterday . . . an open window kind of day.

A little someone really LOVES open windows and a wide windowsill.


Thursday, June 10, 2021


The Pattern:  Willow Tree Sampler by Wendy Peatross (From the Heart)

The Inspiration:  Our house with the red maple tree and the pink dogwood.

The finished cross stitch. 

The colors are a bit more true in the last photo, but neither photo is quite right.
The house is not that bright yellow and the leaves on the maple tree are a burgundy red.
They look black in the photo.

The stitching went off to the framer today.

The choice was the double mat
and the frame at the bottom right.

I'm really looking forward to getting this one back in 3 weeks or so.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Teeny Needle Tuesday

 Sometimes I get so wrapped up in knitting that I forget all about stitching and I really love stitching.

I don't know what's up with that. NEED.TO.STITCH.MORE.

I want this done.

I want this done this week.

So, here goes. Today's stitching.

I started by putting in the year we moved into the house.

That took a bit of pencil and graph paper work.
They did not have the date centered over the tree and I thought it would look better centered.
I was right.

Tonight I'll try and at least get half of the leaves and alphabet done on the bottom.

All that cutting of threads is time consuming.
Not unenjoyable,
but man-oh-man ... time consuming.


Sunday, June 6, 2021

We All ♥ Socks

I am not the only one in the family that love socks.

When Giroux was just a little guy he loved filching dirty socks out of the laundry basket. 
He never chewed them.
He just liked to sniff them.

There was something not quite right about that boy.
Thankfully, he has outgrown digging in the laundry.

Speaking of socks.
Remember the sock I was knitting at the brewery?
That one is done.

This Zauberball yarn was supposed to be a sock for Steve, but he didn't like the long-block color changes. I wasn't sure what I was going to make with it until I saw this pattern made up in this sock yarn on Pinterest. I liked how the colors worked up in the photo. So, I gave it a try.



Pattern:  Mojo Light (Ravelry Link)

Yarn:  Zauberball 

 Colorway:  #1508 Schatten (Shadow)

I knit my socks on size 1 needles and I didn't make any modifications to the pattern. 

 After dinner I will cast on sock two.

No second sock syndrome here. 

Friday, June 4, 2021

Friday Felines

This month marks SIX YEARS since Giroux adopted us.

Most of you have probably heard his story, so you can skip ahead a few paragraphs. Those of you that are new around here . . . here's Giroux story.

Giroux was rescued from a hoarding situation in Indian River County, Florida. He was one of 146 animals removed from a property. Most were cats. He was aged on his intake papers at 8 weeks old. He was sent to the Indian River Animal Control facility where he was scheduled to be euthanized.

The Cat's Meow Adoption Agency rescued him and quite a few of the other kittens. They are a no-kill facility. He was adopted out at 12 weeks old. Due to privacy issues we don't know who adopted him. But we are both mad and glad.  The next part of his story found him on our porch in Orlando in mid-June in quite a bit of distress. That he was just dumped to be on his own makes me mad. That he ended up on OUR porch makes me glad.

He had apparently been *on his own* for quite awhile. He was very underweight and dehydrated and full of fleas. It was obvious he had been in a cat fight. The neighbor girl said he had been living under our propane tank for what she thought was 3 weeks or so. She assumed he was part of the feral colony. Her dog had barked at him and he ran as far as he could . . . our front porch. 

When Steve found him on our porch that day after work.  The poor cat was exhausted. He wouldn't even get up when Steve walked up to him. I decided IF he was friendly, we would take him in. I had been looking to adopt a cat. I picked him up and turned him on his back. He didn't fuss at all. To this day, it is his favorite way to be held. That home delivery cat service works pretty well.

We got him some water and a neighbor gave us some food and lent us a litter box until we could get those. He drank the water, ate some dinner and used the box. It was obvious he was NOT feral. Knowing that we put a photo up on Facebook Finders, and walked him around our neighborhood asking everyone we knew if he belonged to them. No one claimed him. So, it was off to the vet where my *free* cat became quite a pricey cat. He was in pretty rugged condition. Some worm medicine, some flea medicine, some antibiotic for his cuts and he was almost good as new and they approximated his age as 9 months. He weighed just over 4 lbs.

He was also *chipped*. The chip was still registered to the adoption group so the vet was obliged by law to call. Discussions between Cat's Meow and our vet determined that it would not be in his best interests to be returned to his adopters and Cat's Meow agreed he should be ours.

This is his first photo after becoming officially ours.

Six years later he is still pretty small, weighing in at a hefty 7 lbs.

For those wondering how he got his unique name.

This is CLAUDE Giroux, the captain of the Philadelphia Flyers.
I am a bit of a sports fan nut, and ice hockey is my favorite.

This is CLAWED Giroux, captain of all he surveys.

So, soon we will celebrate another GOTCHA DAY.
There isn't a day that goes by that we regret taking him in.

He is very well mannered,
travels very well,
and is just basically a very laid back guy.

We're very glad he adopted us.

Through out Giroux's GOTCHA month I'll be posting some of my favorite photos that we have taken of him. He is quite a character.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Knit Where You Can

We have a visitor this week and knitting time has been at a premium.

But, where there's a will, there's a way. 

Putting in a few rows while we wait for our tour to begin.

If you go way, way back in my family history, my ancestors lived in the beautiful mountains of north east Pennsylvania. They were mostly coal miners, canal workers, and farmers.

Today we made our way up to their neck of the woods to tour the "oldest brewery in America": Yuengling.

C'mon along. I'll show you what we saw.

You start out underground in a very cold and damp cave.
This is where they filled the kegs back in the day,
meaning the 1830s.

The water came from a natural spring cistern up this ladder.

🎡 20 barrels of beer in the hall,
20 barrels of beer🎡 ....

Turn up your volume ALL THE WAY and that is what it was like in the canning room.

The beer is still made here and has been since the first building
burnt down two years after starting the business in 1829.

You finish up in this building where you get to sample
some of the product and, of course,
visit the gift shop.

A case of black and gold just MIGHT have found its way back home with us.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Hello June

Hard to believe that we are already at June,
but here we are. Time flies when you're having fun???

With all the rain we have had EVERYTHING is greening up
and the Pennypack Creek is running fast.

The trail we walked on yesterday is a Rails to Trails conversion.
Some of the old equipment still stands along the side of what used to be rails.
We did about 3-1/2 miles yesterday.

I consider that a pretty good day's work.

So, there may have been some sit down time involving a new sock cast on last night.

Photo to come soon.
Right now it is just an itty-bitty part of a cuff.