Friday, October 16, 2020

Home Treasure Friday

This blog post was inspired by Margaret.
Check out the link to see her home treasures this week.
In a corner of our living room sits this Kennedy-style rocker.
It belonged to my mom and when she passed,
it became mine.

It had quite a dubious beginning back in 1960.

We didn't have a lot of money. Christmas presents were usually modest in price and mostly things we needed anyway with a toy or two thrown in because ......well, because it was Christmas. I think there were quite a few families just like ours. Practicality ruled the day.

In 1960, we moved into a brand new house that my father had a big part in building. For Christmas that year he bought my mom a rocker. But, not THIS rocker.

As the story goes, on Christmas Eve afternoon my dad drove into Philadelphia in his work truck to pick up the rocker. Coming home on the Schuylkill Expressway the original rocker flew out of the back of his truck and was smashed on the pavement. He turned right around at the next exit, went back to the store and bought a second rocker (which presumably he strapped down a little better because it made it under the Christmas tree).

I'm sure that put quite a dent in his wallet
and probably in his ego too.

But, I have a very fine rocker that is so comfortable to sit in.

The original blanket was wool in crazy shades of orange, brown and copper
that were so popular back then. 

I replaced that with my cross stitched blanket many years ago.
Stephen's first teddy bear (Kerby*) sits there.

If I bribe him with enough cookies,
Giroux will sit there too.

*I really hesitate to show Kerby on the blog. He made an appearance a few years ago and some lady was quite put out and super annoyed when I would not sell him to her. Apparently, he is a collectors' item sold years and years ago by Avon.

Sorry, lady. If my house were burning down the first three things I would save would be Giroux, Kerby and my phone.

Sorry Steve, you're on your own on this one.



Martha said...

Love the rocker and what a sweet story. It actually made me mad that a lady got put out because you wouldn't sell her Kerby. I wish I would have know you then, I would have given her a piece of my mind!

Vera said...

Oh gosh! What a great story (for us...not so much for your Dad). I like the idea of a "treasure" post and will see what I can do. Too late for today. So looking forward to getting together tomorrow - can't wait!!

Betsy said...

I just read Margarets post so it was fun to come and find you did a Treasure post too! Most of my treasures are packed up in storage but maybe I can find something and join in.
I loved the story of your Mom's rocker. Your Dad was determined to get her that rocker for Christmas wasn't he?
I can't believe the nerve of some people. Just because they want something they think they have the right to demand someone elses property? What is wrong with people? I'm glad you refused.
And I'm glad you'll grab Giroux.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, Dee

I loved the rocker story. I am sure your Mother was happy that Christmas. Love the Giroux and Kerby photo. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

Delighted Hands said...

What a beautiful story of the rocking chair! What a treasure indeed! I'm sorry for the audacity of some people--don't they realize that value exceeds coin in treasures like the teddy?! Beautiful post.

Nance said...

Oh, your poor Dad. I can't imagine how he must have felt when that rocking chair was destroyed. And that sinking feeling of having to get yet another one on a tight, tight budget. Bless his heart. What a deep love.

Your photo has a few treasures in it with Giroux, your lovely hand-stitched blanket, and your son's Kerby bear, all so loved. You are wealthy, indeed.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

What a story! It's a beautiful chair. I have a big wicker rocker in my bedroom, but it's filled with clothes I'm too lazy to put away. It doesn't even have a good story - my neighbour gave it to me for my garden, but there's not enough room for it out there!

Also - we all know Giroux is the REAL treasure!

Minerva said...

The story is everthing. What a great one to go with a cozy rocker. Thanks for playing along and the shout out! I would never give up that bear, either. People can be weird...

Rose said...

I like that about selling it...LOL I am just kidding about selling it.

Unknown said...

What? Someone thought you were obligated to sell them your Kerby? That's unbelievable.
That is quite a story about the rocker -- and such a lovely chair to have in your home.

Jane said...

I love the rocking chair story. What a tribute to your parents. Honestly why would someone assume you were obligated to sell the teddy bear.

Bridget said...

This story is perfection, and having seen the rocker in person, I can attest to it's loveliness, as well as the cross-stitched blanket.

Why do people think that just because they want something, you'll sell it to them? It just kills me that they get angry like you owe it to them.

Your Christmas memories brought back some of my own. We usually got one toy, and then something extremely practical. But it was still the best!

kathy b said...

Oh the rocker story is a Christmas story! YOu make me laugh ...Steve can hold his own tho!~

karen said...

beautiful rocker story! Now Giroux is adorable with is sitting pretty for a cookie pose.

alexa said...

That's a very handsome piece of furniture, and a beautiful blanket too. I love the simple elegance of it (not that it was simple to do, I'm sure). It looks as if the design of the chair is such that there's space for a blanket/rug to be threaded through? How clever ... Kerby is very sweet and you do right to guard him; there are those who just don't seem to understand that some things cannot be bought!